What's New? A Blog Update and Why You Need Yummly

What's new?  

If you are a loyal reader of Dishes and Blooms, you have probably already noticed a few things that are new!

If this is your first visit, then welcome! You can get the scoop on me at my about me page. 

Mahalo for visiting, hoping you will visit again soon.

So... What's new?  I did some tweaking to the design of my blog; changed the header image, some of my font colors, and moved the side bar from the right to the left.

So what do you think?  Would love to hear from you in the comments.

But wait...

Don't leave yet...

I have more exciting news to tell you!

I am now a publisher with Yummly!!!  So you're probably thinking... okay, so what is Yummly?  Or if you already "Yum", you totally understand why I'm so excited!

So what is Yummly?  It's a super, awesome, site where you create your own personalized recipe box to save recipes you like.  You can filter your preferences, based on your dietary needs, like needing gluten free recipes.  The filters are really awesome, say you don't like onions...  You can set your filters so you will never see any recipes with onions!  Pretty cool, huh?!    You know what else is cool?  There's an App too!

Which reminds me!  Another cool item I've added to my blog is share buttons.  One of my favorite buttons?  You guessed it!  The "Yum" button!  So, when you see a recipe here on the blog that you like, you can "Yum" it!  It will then be added to your recipe box on Yummly.

Another way you can "Yum" my recipes is by going directly to my publishers page for Dishes and Blooms.  

One more thing...

You can create a shopping list, right from the recipe you are viewing in Yummly.  Totally awesome, right?!  No more getting home from the store, realizing you forgot that one, important ingredient for that  recipe you "yummed" last night...

So... What are you waiting for!  Get your Recipe box started now at Yummly!  

Just in case you're wondering...  No I'm not getting paid to write this, no one is twisting my arm...  I just think it's a really cool site and wanted to share with you!  It's that whole Aloha thing I have going on 
Until next time...

                         Happy "Yumming"!

                                      With Aloha,



  1. Love the new look. I just got a new blog design too. Congrats on yummily. Sounds great for recipes.

    1. Thank you Shann! Ok, so of course I have to go peek...

      Ok, I'm back! Love your new design, very awesome!

      Yummly is great, check it out sometime!

  2. I've been hearing more and more about yummly. Haven't taken the plunge yet, but will take a look.

    1. Yummly is great, whether you develop your own recipes, are looking for a recipe or just want some inspiration.

  3. I love the new header! I have heard of Yummly but have not had a chance to check it out yet. Sounds like I should hop over and take a look!

    1. Thank you Tennille. Yummly is awesome, hope you get a chance to check it out!