Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

Blogger Award

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award was formed by Bloggers, for Bloggers.  To receive this award, you must be a blogger, that is nominated by another blogger.  The purpose of this award is to highlight other bloggers and give them a chance to create a presence in the blogging world.

   Kim of Knock it off Crafts , was so kind to nominate me for this award.  I am honored and flattered!  Thank you Kim!

Here are the rules of the Award:

The Rules
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you (link back to their site)
  2. Answer the 10 questions sent to you
  3. Make up 10 new questions for your nominees to answer
  4. Nominate 8 fellow bloggers, link them in your post and let them know
  I have accepted the award and with that, must answer the questions Kim has sent me.  So here goes!

  1. What do you like about blogging?  I love being able to share with and inspire others.  I also appreciate the connections and friendships I have formed.
  2. What do you dislike about blogging?  Honestly, I can't think of anything I dislike!  I guess that's why I love blogging so much.
  3. Are you an early bird or a night owl?  I'm what you call a 24/7 bird, up at the crack of dawn and burning the midnight oil!
  4. If you could go anywhere, right now, where would you go?  On vacation with my hubby and the Teen.  Somewhere tropical, with beautiful beaches.
  5. What's currently on your DVR?  Not applicable,  don't have a DVR.
  6. What is your favorite book?  That's tough!  I love books in general.  These days I'm more into non-fiction, if I have to pick one I would say, currently, The G Free Diet by Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
  7. What makes you laugh out loud?  The Big Bang  Theory, my weekly laugh, just love that show!
  8. What is your favorite quote?  (Another tough question!  I love so many!).  'Where the heart leads, happiness follows."
  9. What is one of your favorite memories?   Dad-Daughter Saturdays, we would spend the day together!  We would go to the Zoo, Beach, Shopping, Golfing, or anything else fun!
  10. What's something you've done that is outside of your comfort zone?  Rode a roller coaster, may I add it was the first and last time!

Now to nominate 8 fabulous bloggers for this award!  The nominees are:

1.  Karen of To Work With My Hands

2.  Dana of Chocolate and Sunshine

3.  Elizabeth of Balm to my Soul

4.  Mel of Melly Moments

5.  Suzanna of One Hoolie Mama

6.  Christy of Stained with Style

7.  Megan of Sensitive Mommy

8.  Elaine of Elaine Ann Allen

Nominees, I truly hope you will accept this award...

Here are your questions!

1.  Why & when did you start blogging?

2.  Who inspires you to write/blog, and why?

3.  Name five fun facts about you!

4.  What is one food you cannot live without?

5.  If you had to jump out of a plane, in order to win a million dollars, would you do it?

6.  Describe yourself, in five words!

7.  You have to give up one of these items listed, which will it be!  Chocolate, Coffee, or Cheese?

8.  Dream vacation...  Ready, Set, Go!

9.  What hobbies, activities do you enjoy? (Besides Blogging!)

10.  If you could take a peek into the future, would you go?  To what year and why?  If you dare not, why?

Thank you once again Kim for my Award.  I am blessed to of connected with you, and all the fabulous nominees!  Looking forward to everyone's answers.  Please let me know when your post goes live, ladies!

Until next time...

              Enjoy Life!

                       Limeade Gal


  1. I LOVED your answers! I am a big fan of the Big Bang Theory as well. We just finished watching the one where Sheldon passes out from cutting his finger in Amy's lab.. one of my favorites! I'm also on board for the tropical, family vacation right now. So glad we've connected as well!

  2. Hi Kim! Happy you enjoyed the read! Sheldon is a hoot! That was a good episode. Well, if I ever win the lottery, we will have to plan a double family vacay!

    Thank you again Kim for your kindness.

  3. Dad-daughter days sound so sweet! I agree with you on the blogging community- I love that blogging has enabled me to "meet" all sorts of great people.

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you for your visit. Spending Saturday's with my Dad is a very special memory I will cherish always!
      So happy that I have met you through blogging, just love reading your posts.

  4. Hi Jane! Congrats on your award. I enjoy reading and learning more about you. I love the Big Bang theory,too!

    1. Thank you Kim! So happy you stopped by today! I think there is almost enough of us to start our own Big Bang Theory Fan Club, (haha)!

  5. What a fun award! Congratulations! A friend just lent me Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book and I have been wanting to read it but haven't had a chance yet. I actually met her through work once and she is very nice!

  6. Hi Erin! That is so awesome that you were able to meet Ms. Hasselbeck. I am really enjoying her book, definitely recommend it. Thanks for visiting today, have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Congrats! It's always fun to be recognized!

    1. Thank you Alicia. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love seeing what questions people come up with, as well as learning a little more about other bloggers through these awards.

    1. Me too, Leslie! It's interesting to see what others come up with for questions!

  9. I'm with you on #s 1, 4, and 7!

    1. Great know a fellow beach gal and Big Bang Theory Fan! Thanks for your visit Lora.

  10. I love the friendships I've built through blogging, as well!

    1. Hi Danica! Thanks for visiting! Happy we are blogging sisters.

  11. Congrats on your nomination! It is always nice to know that people are enjoying reading what you write :)

    1. Yes! That is an added plus! Thank you, Gina.

  12. Ooooh what fun! I'm just seeing this post now.....thank you for the nomination :) Loved learning a little more about you and reading the fun facts/tidbits that you shared! Happy Monday!

    1. Your welcome, Mel! Look forward to your answers. Happy you enjoyed the post.