Staying Busy, Staying Dry!

Life for me has been busy, exciting, and full of new experiences!  I recently became a BzzAgent, which provides me the opportunity to receive free products from brands, try them out and share my viewpoint with you.  If you follow me on social media, you may have seen some of my recent posts or tweets using the hash tag #GotItFree !

I received Secret Outlast Completely Clean Clear Gel from the brand as part of a promotion..

I have used Secret solid antiperspirant for years, and was excited to receive this Clear Gel product from the brand to try out! It arrived at the perfect time, just before my big moving day.

I used the Secret Outlast Completely Clean Clear Gel on the morning of the move.  I spent the next 10 hours of my day ( non~stop) packing moving and unpacking my belongings.   The brand indicated that the Clear Gel offered the following:

  • Secret Outlast® is specifically designed with fast drying ingredients to evaporate in seconds
  • Water-based formula allows active ingredients to permeate sweat glands faster and more efficiently than invisible solid deodorant
  • Bid farewell to white marks forever with rub-off resistant coverage that won’t leave a trail
  • Clinically tested to help stop odor before it starts, continually working to detect odor and wetness
  • The pH of Secret Outlast® minimizes odor-causing bacteria for longer-lasting, 48-hour odor protection
 I was absolutely thrilled with the great odor protection and dryness I experienced with the Clear Gel.  Oh and did I mention, the Completely Clean smells wonderful ( added bonus!) and dried very quickly!

I have been extremely happy with Secret Outlast Clear Gel and continue to use it on a daily basis. It is so perfect for my new, busy lifestyle!  My new job involves working in extreme temperatures (84 degrees F today & no A/C) and I am on the go from the minute I get to work til the days end.  (Basically I walk a couple miles a day at my position)   I am required to wear dark colored uniform shirts, so it is quite comforting knowing that my shirts are free of white marks and my under arm area of my shirt sleeve stays dry.  When I get home I am exhausted from my work day, but ecstatic at how fresh my underarms are!

Have you used Secret Outlast Clear Gel?  Or any Clear Gel formula?  I would love to hear from you!

Until next time...

                      Enjoy Life!

Limeade Gal


  1. Secret Outlast works really well, but I found that it stained to underarm area of my shirts.

    1. Thanks for visiting Staci. Appreciate your comments :)

  2. I have not tried Outlast but I do use Secret Clinical and will never use anything else because it's a great product, my son is now using it as well. #ProductReviewParty

    1. Hi Denise! Thanks for visiting. Secret does have wonderful products! My daughter uses the Clinical too :)

  3. I have used this before. It is a good product! Found you today via the #productreviewparty

    1. Hi Susie! Thanks for stopping by, look forward to a return visit :)
      Thank you for your comments.

  4. I use Secret solid deodorant several times and love it but never used the gel before. I'll need to pick myself up some. Thanks for the review! #ProductReviewParty

  5. Hi Louisa, thank you for visiting today. I originally used the solid, after trying the clear gel, I'm hooked!