Pink Ribbons of Hope

Today I am painting the Blogesphere Pink with Holly J Bertone of The Coconut Head's Survival Guide and many other bloggers.  We are going pink to support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  You can visit Holly's Blog to view all the participants, as well as visit their sites! 

You can go pink too! To show your support, write a post about how breast cancer has touched your life or the life of someone you know, share a pink DIY project or craft, paint your logo or profile picture on social media pink, share a photo of your favorite pink outfit...  I think you get the idea!  Be sure to share, using the hashtag #pinkblogday!  & show your support by liking and sharing others #pinkblogday contributions.  Together we can raise hope, spread awareness, and show our support... One pink post, picture, page at a time.

Breast Cancer has touched my life, my family, and my friends. Today I will lightly touch on how it has...

I worked with a wonderful lady, she was a ray of sunshine around the office, and mothered us younger ones. She would bring in wonderful baked goods and beautiful smiles... Then one day... She stopped coming to work, we no longer received her smiles or melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies. The whispers of the cubicles began... At first, I thought it can't be, it's just a rumor. But it wasn't, sadly she had Breast Cancer. Our ray of sunshine returned to work a few months later, but the smiles were few and far between. We were now baking and cooking for her and her family. She was undergoing Chemo and missed a lot of time from work, eventually she resigned. Months went by, we heard nothing... To this day, I think about her and wonder how she is doing.

My second encounter with breast cancer was 4 years later... I was ready to have my first child any day... My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told she needed to have surgery right away; she insisted on waiting until after the baby was born (Of course, she didn't tell me until 2 weeks after the baby was born). My mother was very private about the situation, she later told me she didn't want to upset me or the baby. I do remember after the baby was born, she would read the Bible a lot. My mother had a full masectomy and all of her lymph nodes removed from one side. She can no longer fully lift her arm and must be very careful to watch for cuts & scratches (to avoid infections). My mother is a trooper, she returned to work after her recovery period, volunteered her time with the local breast cancer awareness organization, and never stopped fighting or giving up hope. My Mom is a 28 year Breast Cancer Survivor!

My third encounter with Breast Cancer was a few years ago... A customer of mine (where I previously worked) came up to me one day to tell me her sad news and that she wouldn't be in for a while. I told her to take care, that she was in my prayers, and that my Mom was a survivor of 26 years. Months went by... I would think about her, pray for her, and hope all was okay. Then one day, months later... She came to visit me at my work, with wonderful news, she was given a clean bill of health until her next check up. She thanked me for my support, prayers, and hope I shared through my mother's story. I no longer see her, since I do not work there anymore. She still remains in my thoughts and prayers...

I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog today! You have just shown your support, I appreciate that :)

Breast Cancer is a cause that is close to my heart, and of so many I know.   Today I dedicate this post to my Mom and all the other ladies (& guys) who have been touched by Breast Cancer. May they find a cure before my granddaughter is old enough to know what Tatas are ;) Never give up hope... I haven't!

Until next time...

                         Enjoy Life!

~Limeade Gal


  1. Limeade - You have been such a huge supporter of this event, thank you so much! Thank you for sharing your story and congrats to your mother for being a 28 year survivor. I actually held off telling my own mother about my cancer until after her scheduled heart surgery. I guess that kind of stuff is just what moms and daughters do. Big hugs my friend, Holly

    1. Hi Holly! Thank you for visiting today :). It has been a pleasure & honor to be a part of this event! Thank you for your kind words.

      Hugs & Aloha to you :)