Let the Chips Fall

Let the chips fall, where they may... So the saying goes!

This post is a little out of the ordinary...

Since I've begun blogging, to this day, I have heard countless times; be true to yourself and your readers.   So, based on great advice from some very awesome bloggers, I have and continue to be true to you and myself.  With that being said, I suppose this post isn't really out of the ordinary!

Do I know where I am going...with this post?, with my life?  If you asked me a year ago, a month ago, I would of said yes ( more than likely).  Would it of been an honest answer?  I probably would of thought so then.  At this moment right now? No.

Are you utterly confused?  Most likely, yes!   I know I am making absolutely no sense. 

At this very moment in time, there is so many things going on in my life...  I have no idea where life is going to take me next... (I'll let you know when I do)
So... Let the chips fall where they may!

Hopefully, there will be a few chocolate covered ones...

Until next time...

Enjoy Life!

Limeade Gal

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