How Wordless Turned Blogless

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Welcome to my new blog site!  I'm really excited to be here!

Those of you who have been following me, from the beginning, know that this is my third site.

 In case you just found me, I used to blog over at another site, where I lost all of the contents of my blog.  I then moved to Tumblr, to continue my blogging journey.  Tumblr seemed to be the perfect neighborhood for me, as a lot of creatives hang out there.   I switched things up a bit, when I moved to Tumblr,  and began blogging wordlessly.  

Then one day, in thought, I realized...
  • in my efforts to inspire you wordlessly, I had become blogless.
  • I had started to loose the connections and community I had formed with other inspiring bloggers.  I was missing out on a lot of the social link ups, as well as other fun activities bloggers get involved in!

  • I had cut off a large number of my followers, not intentionally of course.  My followers were no longer able to view my blog.  For one of two reasons, they weren't on Tumblr, or they follow me on Bloglovin, and no longer see my new posts.  (As you may know, Tumblr blocked Bloglovin)
  •  After months of just posting images or photos,  I truly missed writing.  

After careful thought and consideration, I have decided to restart my writing portion of the blog!  I may be a little rusty at the moment... no egg throwing - please :)  Throw flowers, if you must throw anything!  Flowers work :)

I plan to continue with my Tumblr site, as I do have some that follow me there.  So, if you just need a moment to look at some pretty pictures, be sure to click here.  I share images on my Tumblr site, from other blogs, my own images and ones I find here & there; to inspire you, provoke you to thought or at least get you to smile ;)

Thank you for visiting me today!  I look forward to what the future holds... can't wait to share with you!

Until next time...
                              Enjoy Life!

             ~Limeade Gal

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