5 Ways To Enjoy the End of Summer

Summer officially comes to an end on September 23, at which time the Fall Season will begin.  Are you excited to greet the new season?  Or are you holding onto Summer?  Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Outer Banks

As for me, I am holding onto Summer for as long as I can.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Fall, and all the wonderful, fun projects and activities that come with it.  Being an Island Girl, Summer is my season!  In case you are like me, and want to savor Summer just a little longer...  here is a list to enjoy the end of Summer, while you still can!

5 Ways to Enjoy the End of Summer

  • Plan a weekend get-a-way to the Beach  (or a day trip if you live close enough)
  • Have a Cookout, invite your family, friends and neighbors
  • Take a walk in the park or go on a hike
  • Get the sidewalk chalk out one last time!  
  • Plan a day trip to the Zoo or a Botanical Garden

Get outside and enjoy yourself while you still can!  Let's face it, we have to go through three seasons before Summer is back again!  You will thank yourself in January when it is  -11 to 30 degrees F outside.  I know I will!

Can you think of anything else to add to the list?  What is your favorite part about Summer?  Would love to hear from you!

Until next time...

                                 Enjoy Life!

                                  (formerly Limeade Gal)


  1. Personally, I am counting down the days to Fall. Here in California it's still hovering near 95f/35c and I'm tired of the heat. Fall means cooler weather, pumpkin spiced candles and crunchy leaves outside. I already have my fall decorations ready to put up as soon as it's official.

    1. Thanks for visiting Joan. With those temperatures I can understand your anticipation :)
      Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I love summer and I have the hardest time saying good bye. I must say I have done all the items on your list. I also love spending time out on my patio and just enjoy soaking up the last warm sun rays. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting :)
      Soaking up the sun is one of my favorite past times, it leaves me feeling energized!
      Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

  3. I am with you Limeade Gal! I am going to hold on to Summer as long as possible.

    1. Thanks for visiting Kathy :)
      We have 11 official days of Summer to enjoy as of tomorrow! Hoping yours are wonderful!